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top ranked person fraud i have all person proof vivid pro.voltage voltage,rickhackworld,thepro


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am travel agent i have list who is fraud oud me in one month around 3500$

no one is real totally wrong and fraud person i just mention here id details and name

if you want proof to chat with mei give u proof my request for people don't pay any advance payment to anyone all mastermind people before payment all they have good working CC good working software after payment no reply software problem all problem come after payment

]Vivid Pro ICQ 676923255 450$ i send him payment for e-tickets after payment they said my softwere is not working send me more money i do ur work am honest person i tried and post here

rickhackworld ICQ 705375766 for bank transfer money person

i send him 4 time payment without proof frist time 463$ then send him 64$ then send him then 90$ then 50$

they have good dealing skills but they said am always done job frist time they said i send money to ur account but ur ATM not supported so change account then they said need 64$ i pay him then they said i done transaction i need check status transaction i need money so i send him agian money so now they said i need tools send me money


ThePro ICQ 710706528

they take 250$ not transfer money after payment also need more money


here is many list of person but they take small like under 100$ so i don't post him

my ICQ 707926787


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