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{TUT]Cashout CC to Bank Method [NOW FREE]


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***Requirements are just android phone or google account***
First go here

Sign up for a Google Play Account using your real details and your real ip etc
Once you are done and pay the 25$ registration fee move on
Next go to
I used first option just to point to a website and had my website live
I had created a few websites before hand but if you cannot do that then choose eg like m.grooveshark.com or m.reddit.com or anything.
If you want you can choose second option and add some html code
If you don't know html just add a paypal buy donate button or something

*****Once you finish the app download it through appgeyser.*****
Next go back to https://play.google.com/apps/publish/
and start to register your app
Fill in your details and upload the app.
Put whatever price you want on it.
I put €3.99 on mine and called it a donate app
Your app should be live on play store within minutes
*****Now you can fire up your vpn or proxy clear your history.
If you have an Android phone its way easier to do it but if not dont worry.
1:*Go to Accounts>Create New Account>Google and make a new google account
Skip adding the card etc.
2:Go to play store and find your app and click buy now
When add card pops up just add your card
NOTE***If you get error recieving information from server then card is usually dead so just add new card
3:pS Billing details don't have to match the card holder. So you can just use public cc for this
Once you buy your app run it.
Now you earned money
**Now delete the google account you created and uninstall the app
Go just repeat steps 1-3 over and over
Everytime you buy the app you wil get around 70% of the price of the app and Google will get around 30

If you don't have android then use PC
First download Android Emulator here


Install that. Run the emulator as if it is an android phone.
-Go to play store, add a new google account. Search for your app and buy
Add the card you want to use then buy the app.

Now you just keep re-buying your app as long as you want. I recommend making 4-5 free apps and adding them to your
developer account on google because then you buy multiple apps with one account.
Any also if you come together as a team if there are 5 r 6 of you doing it you can buy each others apps

Google payout via wallet.
You will get a wallet balance of your app sales and can see at wallet.google.com
Google pay out your balance 15 days after the end of the month every month
Here is an example

- February 2nd: Payment for January sales
- February 15th: Payment for February 1 – 13 sales
- March 15th: Payment for February 14 – 28 sales
- April 15th: Payment for March sales

Thats it
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