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Xbox Method

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Advanced Vendor
Advanced Vendor

Here's what you'll need:
VCC (Virtual Credit Card) with at least $1 on it
Drop house (If you're doing more than one)
Serial Number that's still in warranty (hard to find now days)
No boxing or calling required.

1. Getting a serial number:
I like to get my serial numbers off of Craigslist or eBay, it's easy, just send an email saying you want the serial number to check if it's stolen and if it's still in warranty with Microsoft. 9/10 people just give it to you, then you want to register the serial to the site I'm posting after this.
2. Go to https://myservice.xbox.com/en-US/Pages/Welcome.aspx
3. Click "Start request"
4. Use any excuse except "Safety concern or issue"
and for the additional comments simply make a story up.
5. Then click Continue.

Then you should be on the warranty part, if the warranty is good it'll give you the option to continue with no charge, just click "Continue"

Then you should be on the "Shipping Address" part of the process. Make sure it's an address you can get to (Obviously). remember, if you're doing more than one, simply use a drop as a safety measure.
Click "Continue" once done.

Once on "Shipping Options" page, make sure you click the credit card option, that's the only way to get an advanced replacement.

6. Then click "Continue"

For payment enter all your VCC information.
Then click "Continue"
if your VCC works. it'll process and boom, you have a new Xbox 360.

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